Crazy good organic reach

Socialcampaign is social media marketing software for companies ready to break through the noise

Viral marketing

Viral Marketing is social media marketing software for companies.

Better Organization

Better Organization is social media marketing software for companies.

Big Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings is social media marketing software for companies.

Plus every social media management feature you need


Manage all social campaigns on one platform. Plan, create, and schedule eye-catching posts to be published to the right channels at the right time.


Visualize your social strategy

Plan, manage and organize social content in a shared content calendar.

Hands-free scheduling

Smarter scheduling with custom queues and preset content categories.

Painless content approvals

Eliminate approval back and forth with instant feedback from clients and team.

Automate your social media

Autopilot social posting with evergreen campaigns, RSS feeds, and CSV upload.


Integrate user-generated content without breaking a sweat

It helps marketer to create and monitor the result of different type of digital marketing campaigns, such as referral , Engagement, Testimonials, Signup, Coupon, Viral and more.


Lift your brand’s word-of-mouth to viral levels

Easily launch engaging social campaigns to social, mobile and your website.

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Create perfect Share Buttons

Share Buttons

Positive Sentiment

Add a default comment

On Page Experience

Your current share buttons send visitors to social network pages.

Share Preview

Preview how share will look in news feeds

Simplify Sharing

Type one message and share to all social networks

Customize Button

Use our button or yours. Store them in our asset library

Special Offers

Check a box to add a coupon link to a message

Share Buttons


Understand your social channels’ performance to make better business decisions. Share statistics with your team and clients with beautiful automated reports.


Multi-channel social analytics

Monitor and fine tune your brand’s social media strategy by analyzing meaningful data.

Gain competitive advantage

Benchmark your social KPIs against top competitors to stay ahead.

Demonstrate social success

Share presentation-ready white labeled reports with colleagues and clients.

Set and forget social reporting

Pre-schedule analytics reports land directly in your team and client’s inbox.


“Socialcampaign delivers much better results than other services I've used. It monitors global coverage which saves time. Highly recommended.

Eva diaz

Eva Diaz

Co-Founder & Managing Director Profile Booster

Direct Posting To All Social Media Platform

Our customers asked and we answered. Direct posting to Instagram & Pinterest is here. Super reliable, super efficient. Life just got a lot easier

Get Better Reporting & Analysis

Socialcampaign keeps you up to date with everything important in your market and anything connected to your company, providing real-time alerts straight to your inbox.

managed social media marketing service

Socialcampaign is a robust social media management solution that makes it easy to
manage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and capture leads.

You don't have to settle for the status quo

Socialcampaign was built for Social Media Managers who understand that social media has changed.



Get more engagement and more reach

Leverage viral marketing. Save time and money on campaign management with Socialcampaign

Get more engament

Get more engagement and more reach

Leverage viral marketing. Save time and money on campaign management with Socialcampaign

Get more engament